Ratu England, Ratu Norway, Paderi Besar masuk Masjid

Sila baca berita-berita di bawah ini lawatan orang kenamaan seperti Ratu England, Ratu Norway dan Paderi Besar Kristian Pope ke masjid-masjid sekitar Eropah dan Timur Tengah. Pope dengan pakaian rasminya melawat masjid. Ratu England mengenakan tudung kepala, Ratu Norway menanggalkan Mahkotanya dan mengenakan tudung. Sudah sampai masanya JAKIM mengeluarkan panduan untuk orang Islam beramah mesra dengan umat Islam dalam masjid dengan semangat 1Malaysia , 1Bapa iaitu Nabi Adam as.

Agak-agaknya apa doa yang dibaca oleh imam atau khatib apabila orang kenamaan bukan Islam ini datang melawat masjid, melaknat mereka, mengutuk mereka atau mendoakan agar mereka dapat memerintah dengan adil ?


Queen Elizabeth in Mosque, Veiled

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"...it would be nice if leaders respected each other’s religions like this more often," said one Turkish woman.(Reuters)

CAIRO — A visit by Queen Elizabeth II to one of Turkey’s most important mosques, where she took off her shoes, donned a head-cover and listened to verses from the Noble Qur'an made headlines in the British press on Thursday, May 15.
"Queen wears headscarf at Turkish mosque," read the headline of Britain's The Telegraph.

"Her Majesty, who had been wearing a wide-brimmed hat and white shoes, adhered to the Islamic dress code, which requires women to cover their heads and all visitors to remove their footwear, during the visit to the 15th century Green Mosque in the eastern city of Bursa."

The Times ran a story with the similar headline, "Queen dons a headscarf for Mosque visit."

"The Queen made a rare visit to a mosque yesterday, donning a headscarf alongside the wife of Turkey’s President."

It noted that the monarch was helped to remove shoes by an assistant at the mosque entrance.

She toured the 15th-century Green Mosque, built while Bursa was still capital of the Ottoman Empire, in the company of Turkish First Lady Hayrünnisa Gül.

They listened as Imam Ayhan Polat recited verses from the Muslim holy book and explored the mosque minarets.

Queen Elizabeth also visited the tomb of Sultan Mohmed, the fifth of 39 sultans who ruled Turkey during the 624-year Ottoman Empire, inside the mosque.

The monarch and her husband Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, are on a four-day visit to Turkey, her first visit in nearly 37 years.


Queen Elizabeth's visit to the Green Mosque, one of a tiny number she visited during her 55-year reign, was appreciated by many Turks.

"This sends an important message to the world," Nurten Ilgrin, a veiled housewife who travelled to the northwestern city for the visit, told The Times.

"It makes me happy and proud, and it would be nice if leaders respected each other’s religions like this more often."

Ironically, women in Turkey have been barred from wearing hijab, a mandatory code of dress in Islam, in public buildings, universities, schools and government buildings since shortly after a 1980 military coup.

Hawkish secularists, including army generals, judges and university rectors, view any emblem of Islam as a threat to secularism.

Gulay Ozdemir, a secretary passing by the Green Mosque with her young daughters, lamented people were not able to interact with the monarch.

"We have not seen the Queen much, which is a shame," she told The Times.

"She is welcome to come around to my house for a coffee any time."

Soon after, the Queen emerged from the mosque and departed for Istanbul, to the sounds of a beautiful call to prayer.

"Turkey is uniquely positioned as a bridge between east and west at a crucial time for the European Union and the world in general," the monarch said a day earlier.

"For us, Turkey is as important now as it has ever been."


Pope visits Jordan's biggest mosque
By David Willey in Amman

Posted Sat May 9, 2009 8:01pm AEST

Jordan's Queen Rania welcomes Pope Benedict upon his arrival at the royal palace in Amman. ( AFP: Alberto Pizzoli )
On the second day of his trip to the Middle East, Pope Benedict is visiting Jordan's largest mosque.

The move is part of his continuing efforts to mend relations with the Muslim world.

After an early morning visit to Mount Nebo, a pilgrimage site where one of the earliest churches in the Middle East was built commemorating the prophet Moses, the Pope has now turned his attention to mending relations with the Islamic world.

He has has laid the foundation stone of a new Catholic-run university which will be open to both Muslims and Christians.

He is also visiting the gleaming new King Hussein Mosque in the grounds of the royal palace, which was completed only three years ago and is the largest Mosque in the kingdom.

Meanwhile, Jordan's Queen Rania has posted on online social network Twitter about Pope Benedict XVI's first ever visit to an Arab country, as the pontiff kicked off his Holy Land tour.

"Just choppered to airport to receive the Pope. Husband piloting, he got acrobatic to quiet butterflies in stomach... told u he was action man!" the young queen said of her husband, King Abdullah II.

Her office said in a statement that the queen decided to register on Twitter at the address http://twitter.com/QueenRania to mark Pope Benedict's first Middle East pilgrimage.

The King and Queen gave the German pontiff a red carpet welcome at Queen Alia Airport as he began his eight-day pilgrimage, which will on Monday take him to Israel and the Palestinian territories.


Royal mosque visit sparks criticism

Queen Sonja donned a head scarf, opened an exhibit at the Islamic Cultural Center (ICC) and visited its newly opened mosque in Oslo this week. The ICC is ideologically tied to a fundamentalist Islamic organization, and now some politicians and human rights activists are questioning the royal visit.

Queen Sonja traded her crown for a head scarf this week and visited a mosque. PHOTO: Det Kongelige Hoffet

Newspaper Aftenposten reported Thursday that the ICC confirmed that it gets its ideological inspiration from the fundamentalist group Jamaat-e-Islami. The group advocates an Islamic state in Pakistan, among other things, and is widely viewed as an extremist organization.

Laila Bokhari, a researcher at the Norwegian foreign policy institute NUPI, described Japaat-e-Islami as a fundamentalist and conservative movement. The ICC itself has advocated a man's right to have four wives, says Hege Storhaug of Human Rights Service.

"Queen Sonja can hardly have been aware over which ideological platform ICC stands on when she spoke to the gender-divided gathering on Monday," Storhaug told Aftenposten.

Per Sandberg of the Progress Party, which normally defends the royal family, said the queen can of course visit anyone she wants. "But having said that, I would have wished that the queen hadn't legitimized a mosque with radical views," Sandberg told Aftenposten. "She could just as well have visited a mosque with more moderate views." Header
See photos of Queen Sonja at the mosque Palace spokesman Sven Gjeruldsen said the queen visited the ICC and its mosque after having received an invitation to open an exhibit there. "In general, I can say that the royal court doesn't comment on the background or reasons for a royal presence," he said.

Queen Sonja's visit marked the first time a member of the royal family had visited a mosque in Norway. She met with Imam Mehboob ur-Rehman at the ICC and several muslim women, was shown around the mosque and officially opened an exhibit featuring Islamic art and culture.

She also held a brief speech, saying that the exhibit "undoubtedly offers insight into Islamic history, art and culture, and I hope it can help build understanding, tolerance and mutual respect."

The ICC itself claims it works towards "understanding and cooperation among various religions and cultures through dialogue and knowledge."

(Story written May 28, 2009)


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