Kuala Lumpur, pusat orang gila, sakit mental TERBUKA

Istilah Universiti Terbuka atau Open University biasalah kita dengan dan makin popular sekarang. Hospital Sakit Mental ada, tapi pernah dengar Hospital Terbuka Pesakit Mental? Itulah berita Malay Mail 12 Mei 2011 yang menyebut bandaraya kosmopolitan adalah merupakan sebuah Hospital Terbuka untuk Pesakit Mental atau Orang Gila. Adakah ini satu ciri negara Islam atau negara yang Islam sebagai agama rasmi?

Laporan Malay Mail terdapat ramai rakyat tempatan dan sedikit rakyat asing umur sekitar 30 ke 40 an, tidur pada malam hari di tepi-tepi jalan kerana tiada rumah.

Anehnya Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat mengkategorikan mereka ini sebagai pesakit mental. Pesakit mental yang tiada rumah dan bergelandangan bukanlah bidang kuasa JKM tapi bidang kuasa Kementerian Kesihatan atau hospital. Pulak DAH !

Nampaknya makin maju Malaysia, makin ramai orang gila di Malaysia ini. Ada pemimpin UMNO kisah ? Tak pe , tak pe, ini kerja JKM, ini kerja hospital, ini keja polis kalau mereka mencederakan sesiapa.


Tolonglah baca laporan penuh Malay Mail tersebut dengan gambar-gambarnya sekali di http://www.mmail.com.my/content/72041-exclusive-kl-‘open-asylum’

Minta maaflah Utusan Malaysia tak minat dedahkan berita terang lagi bersuluh ini, Utusan hanya minat cerita Kristian agama rasmi dan cerita video seks.

Exclusive: KL ‘open asylum’
Thursday, May 12th, 2011

FT Welfare Dept says the homeless sleeping along Jalan Pudu are ‘mental patients’, NGOs say they are not and need help

HOMELESS IN PUDU: FT Welfare Department declares the homeless

PUDU: The Malay Mail has stumbled upon a rare sight of large groups of homeless, mostly locals, sleeping on the streets in the heart of the capital city after midnight -- astoundingly described by the Welfare Department as "mental sufferers".

Reminiscent of the world-famous vagrant-strewn streets of India's Chennai, Jalan Pudu is now home to a burgeoning number of the homeless, including a few foreigners, who sleep on its newly-tiled pavements in groups of between 30 and 40.

But the biggest shocker is the Federal Territory Welfare Department's stance which has declared the homeless "mental sufferers" and that this group is out of their hands.

Its operations head Mat Darus Hassan told The Malay Mail the decision was made based on its "observations", but he declined to elaborate on the findings, stating it was "confidential information".

"The mental sufferers do not come under the department's jurisdiction. They come under the hospitals'," he said when pointed out this would mean there was no other recourse for local homeless mental ailment sufferes.

This has incurred the wrath of Reach Out Malaysia, an NGO which regularly carries out food distribution programmes for the homeless in the area. The NGO dismissed the department's claims as frivolous, and lambasted the hands-off approach.

"The claims are not only untrue, but also unfair," said volunteer Nik Norliza Nik Othman.

"The majority of them are perfectly normal people who have merely fallen on hard times."

She said the department should make an effort to go down to the ground first before making any rash conclusions.

During The Paper That Cares' recent visit, we observed an unusually high number of people sleeping on the pavements near the newly-refurbished Puduraya bus terminal.

Many slept in groups of about 10, some on the pavements while others on cardboard boxes. There were those who used their belongings as makeshift pillows, while the less-fortunate used their arms as support.

They have little choice to not only have to bear with the stench of garbage and irritation from dust, but share their "bed" with an army of cockroaches and rodents.

The Malay Mail's observation also revealed some, probably desperate for a cleaner sleeping area, slept near a public toilet.

Save for one transsexual, the rest were men. An overwhelming number of the homeless were Malaysians, with only three foreigners among them.

Taxi drivers plying the area claimed the homeless had been forced to sleep on Jalan Pudu pavements as their former "home", Puduraya, was no longer a choice as security had tightened after the 35-year-old bus hub was upgraded recently.

Artikel penuh di http://www.mmail.com.my/content/72041-exclusive-kl-‘open-asylum’

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